Argo Enjoying the Surf at Ft. Lauderdale & Juno Beach

We live close to the ocean in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl and began taking Argo to various beaches soon after his vaccinations were completed. It’s a toss-up which he likes better; fetching toss- toys in the surf or chasing prey on the ground and in water, but regardless, he has a blast doing both and fortunately for us… gradually gets tired.

Generally, we go North to Juno Beach in Juno, Fl which is the state’s finest dog beach. It’s a 90-minute drive so we make a day of it and enjoy a late lunch at one of the area’s many dog-friendly restaurants. The beach is really where it’s happening; dogs enjoy running free and playing over miles of beautiful white sand without a park ranger or someone sniveling about leash regulations. Initially, in his excitement, Argo pestered other beachgoers and dogs but he’s gradually calming down and focusing more on chasing a frisbee, ball, or another toss toy. However, he doesn’t care whose toy it is and enjoys racing with other dogs to be the one snatching it out of the air or off of the sand.

Argo enjoys playing frisbee on the sand but prefers fearlessly running into the roaring surf where he can frolic and get knocked around by the breaking waves while fetching that elusive disc. He’s an excellent swimmer and it’s hysterical to watch him ride the waves back to shore after retrieving a frisbee or swimming with us. Yup, life’s a beach for Argo. I’ve posted some pictures of him at Juno Beach below.

Life’s a beach

Fetching my frisbee in the surf

Gotta beat the water to my frisbee

Life doesn’t get much better

Taking a breather

I always beat dad to the frisbee

Tough digging through this kelp

Showing Dad my body surfing skills

Rough water brings in this gnarly stuff

I love playing frisbee at the beach

Romping through the surf

Lots of pretty ladies here

              Showing off for the ladies

Ruff surf today

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