Argo’s Photo Gallery P8

Argo’s Photo Gallery P 8

On point

Be happy like me

Posin’ for Mom

Born to be wild

Runnin’ with the wind

Here’s lookin’ at you, Babe

Coolin’ off & fetchin’ a stick

Ha Ha Ha – Stop it already… you’re killin’ me!

I’m one happy camper

Keepin’ close watch from the catbird’s seat

Makin’ a splash

I’m serious, toss me the ball!

Goin’ Full Bore

I wanted to sleep in… but

Cut the ‘come’ routine already… I’m focused on tracking

Coolin’ down poolside showin’ off my new robe after a rigorous swim

I wasted no time stakin’ out my place on the couch


Hmmm… what kind of trouble can I get in next…

Free stylin’ with my Chuckit ball… check my wake

Checkin’ things out at Office Depot while Mom shops

Takin’ a breather after a long swim & climbin’ the stairs