Argo’s Photo Gallery P7

Argo’s Photo Gallery P 7

Ears up… ready for liftoff

Just hangin’ out

Sneaking up on a big iguana

Eyein’ some ducks

C’mon down – the water’s nice

Toss the ball already

Ready to rumble

You talkin’ to me, bub?

Red dogs CAN jump

Wanna play?

Shakin’ and bakin’ after a swim

I can catch in every environment

The perfect point

Goin’ after my Bully ball like a shark after blood

Chillin’ with a stick

A perfect catch

Climbin’ the stairway to heaven with a new stick

Impatiently waitin’ for my bath towel

I’m always up for playin’ catch

This frond stem is a real gem

Just loungin’ around

All set for a big weekend

C’mon in – the water’s great

Anxiously preparing for those ducks to land

Winding up for my tee shot at disc golf

Now listen to me!

Snagged this liner Mom hurled at me

Catchin’ some rays with my Bully-Ball