Argo’s Photo Gallery P 7

Ears up… ready for liftoff

Just hangin’ out

Sneaking up on a big iguana

Eyein’ some ducks

C’mon down – the water’s nice

Toss the ball already

Ready to rumble

You talkin’ to me, bub?

Red dogs CAN jump

Wanna play?

Shakin’ and bakin’ after a swim

I can catch in every environment

The perfect point

Goin’ after my Bully ball like a shark after blood

Chillin’ with a stick

A perfect catch

Climbin’ the stairway to heaven with a new stick

Impatiently waitin’ for my bath towel

I’m always up for playin’ catch

This frond stem is a real gem

Just loungin’ around

All set for a big weekend

C’mon in – the water’s great

Anxiously preparing for those ducks to land