Argo Prowling in the Woods

Vizslas are extremely high-energy hunting dogs and we felt it imperative for Argo to run off-leash in a safe, virtually unrestricted environment on a daily basis. Fortunately, there are beautiful parks in and around our area that are populated with trails, trees, water, and a variety of prey so it was easy to begin introducing him to them as soon as his vaccinations were completed. The parks have ‘leash rules’ but generally there’s minimal enforcement so Argo can run free and enjoy himself ’til his heart’s content. He averages 6 miles/day and has a blast chasing squirrels, lizards, iguanas, and feathered prey whether on land and in the water. This also provides an opportunity to enhance his social skills by interacting with other dogs he meets along the way. Below are some pictures of Argo in action.