Argo’s Photo Gallery P10

I’m 11 weeks old and enjoying the comforts of my forever home

Shaggin’ Chuckit balls

Pure sex appeal in my new Speedo racin’ goggles

I can change direction and speed in a flash

Poetry in motion

A Chuckit ball is my constant companion


Halloween is so scary

If you’re lookin’ for trouble… you got the right guy

Coolin’ off

On the hunt with stealth

Practicin’ my low-wire act

Lift off

Rompin’ with my Rhodesian pal Lulu

Perpetual motion, be it in surf or on turf

Chillin’ at Peanut Island

Heeeer, little duckey

Check the athleticism on this one


In-commin’- open wide

Lovin’ a beautiful day in the grass