Argo’s Photo Gallery P 4

Argo’s Photo Gallery P 4

Fast & furious

In serious stealth mode

Playing with my land frisbee

Yummy! ~ That chicken breast fillet has my name all over it

Happy Monday

C’mon… just a little closer

Shakin’ and bakin’ with my chuckit ball

Got it all lined up & ready to pounce

On the hunt

Lettin’ it all hang out

Just chewin’ the fat

Strutin’ my stuff

Ummmm! Sumptuous baby back ribs – my pawrents can eat the corn

Perfection in motion

Shinnin’ in the sun

I luv diggin’ in the sand

Flaps up… ready for take-off

Playin’ with one of my little pals

The ladies think I’m kinda’ cute

Standing tall and handsome