Argo Loving The Land

In addition to being a stone’s throw from the Atlantic Ocean, we’re within 15 miles of beautiful parks with trees, open areas, and water. Best of all, Argo can run off-leash most of the time to sniff and chase prey to his heart’s delight. He chases squirrels, lizards, iguanas, birds, and ducks whether they’re on land or water. He loves to swim and welcomes the challenge iguanas and ducks present, but he hasn’t been successful… yet. When he’s not chasing prey, he carries and plays fetch with his ‘Chuckit’ ball.

We take Argo to a park or the ocean for a few hours every morning so he can do his things, expend a lot of energy, and if we’re lucky, get tired… for a while at least

The images below were taken at various parks and aren’t captioned because they speak for themselves.