Argo’s Photo Gallery Continued

Hmmm… that squirrel was just here

Full speed ahead

Check this adroit right turn on some gnarly sand

Nailed it!

Chillin’ at Fort Lauderdale Beach

A windy day at the beach

In yer face, bud!

He who has the biggest stick…

This speaks volumes

Smilin’ for the camera

Beach Ballet – Eat your heart out Baryshnikov!

Nobody gets my frisbee

Florida’s summer sun is a killer

Total focus

A Chuckit ball and fence to jump… life’s good!

I rarely miss and not this time

Life doesn’t get any better

95º and chillin’ in the surf

What’s that…

Drats! I just missed that big iguana

The dog with the longest stick wins

Practicing my steeplechase routine

Lining up my Chuckit ball

C’mon – I need a little help here

Gene Simmons got nothin’ on me

Feelin’ the wind in my ears

Where’s that uber?

I hate Monday mornings

Lovin’ my own beach

Takin’ a quick dip

After a hard day’s night workin’ like a dog