Argo’s Photo Gallery P2

Argo’s Photo Gallery P2

Hmmm… that squirrel was just here

Full speed ahead

Check this adroit right turn on some gnarly sand

Nailed it!

Chillin’ at Fort Lauderdale Beach

A windy day at the beach

In yer face, bub!

He who has the biggest stick…

This speaks volumes

Smilin’ for the camera

Beach Ballet – Eat your heart out Baryshnikov!

Nobody gets my frisbee

Florida’s summer sun is a killer

Total focus

A Chuckit ball and fence to jump… life’s good!

I rarely miss and not this time

Life doesn’t get any better

95º and chillin’ in the surf

What’s that…

Drats! I just missed that big iguana

The dog with the longest stick wins

Practicing my steeplechase routine

Lining up my Chuckit ball

C’mon – I need a little help here

Gene Simmons ain’t got nothin’ on me

Feelin’ the wind in my ears

Where’s that uber?

I hate Monday mornings

Lovin’ my own beach

Takin’ a quick dip

After a hard day’s night workin’ like a dog

Strollin’ in beautiful Tree Tops Park

Whew! A tuff swim

Chasing down my Bully Ball

I’m really into water polo

Clearing the high bar with ease

A proud exhibitionist

So… throw the ball already

Bet ya can’t catch me

Whisperin’ sweet nothins to get my chuckit ball

Livin’ life

C’mon – let’s play

AAAAh, nothin’ like a good back scratch

What the…

Tryin’ out my vest from Hunter

The King

Some serious pointing

Runnin’ free as the breeze

C’mon…I’m waitin’

My regal pose

I’m serious about fetchin’ Chuckit Balls

Divin’ into the weekend with gusto

Free stylin’ with’ my Bully Ball

Enjoyin’ a beautiful day in the meadow

Watching my Chuchit ball all the way

Prince of the forest

Mom can’t find her beach hat

All smiles cuz life is good