Argo’s Photo Gallery P5

Argo’s Photo Gallery P 5

Runnin’ like the wind

C’mon… let’s play some fetch

Ya gotta problem, bub?

Ponderin’ things

Takin’ a short breather from fetch

Chuckit balls rarely get by me

My quick shuffle and side-step move

Practicin’ my free-style


The three Vizslateers enjoying the surf at Juno Beach in Jupiter FL – I’m in the middle

No chuckit ball… no problem!

Just rompoin’ on another Sunday

I do everything with gusto!

Lookin’ macho chewin’ a blade of grass

Got’ ‘big air’ on this catch

Another day… another stick

Check this cool move on one leg

Eyin’ that bird

The wind beneath my ears

A little quick frisbee action

Check out my mean wake

Baskin in the warm Florida sun

Stretchin’ all out

Breakin’ hard

Posin’ for Mom

Ain’t I cute?

Nothin’ gets by me