Playing At A Fort Lauderdale Beach

August 27, 2020.

It’s another hot beautiful day in Fort Lauderdale and the beaches within a few minutes of us are eerily empty. Beachfront condos and resorts always have lounge chairs and umbrellas set up for residents and guests, but they’re folded up, sitting on the sand with tarps covering them. A lone cruise ship sits idling a half-mile or so offshore without passengers and nowhere to go. The setting must resemble an area that experienced a nuclear fallout but in reality, it’s attributable to the invisible novel coronavirus and some of its devastating ramifications.

However, there is a silver lining to this picture of apparent doom and gloom. Except for periodically running into a few beachcombers, we had miles of sunlit beach to enjoy by ourselves. Argo couldn’t wait to run through the surf, dig in the sand, play frisbee, and as usual, aggravate Stan. I’ve posted several pictures of Argo loving life and doing ‘his things’ below which are self-explanatory and hope you enjoy them.