Argo’s Photo Gallery P1

Argo at 10 Weeks

Posing for the photographer at my first photo-shoot 

Chewin’ on my cheese stick

Checkin’ out the inventory in a grocery cart

Cruisin’ the aisles with Dad

8 Weeks old in my crate ready for the ride to my new home

Me and Mom atop the 17th St drawbridge

You talkin’ to me, Bub?

First night home already staked out my corner of the couch

Monsieur Argo dressed to the nines

Sporting dad’s shades

Checkin’ for prey

Busted by the Ft. Lauderdale PD – File sealed so don’t ask

A little agility before heading to my new home

Kickin’ back at TY Park

Supervising the maintenance man

Clowning for the camera with Mom

In hot pursuit of an iguana

Before and after the catch

My first quail

Impatiently waiting for the sommelier with my Cabernet and hors d’oeuvres

Nothing gets by me

Goin’ full bore

Dancing with my silly mom

Stealing a deee-licious fry at Too Jays Deli

Waiting with mom at Total Wine

Snagging a fly ball

Chasing down a pesky squirrel

Playing ball with Dad

Never give up

Look Mom, airborne completely off the ground

Early preparation is key to a perfect catch

Multitasking: tracking a squirrel with a ball in my mouth

A lightning-fast start is a must for success

Easy pop-up – no problem

I love to romp in the surf

Waiting on Mom to toss me the frisbee

Snagged the frisbee before the undercurrent got it

Body surfing with the frisbee in tow

Giving the frisbee Hell

C’mon… just try to get it

Another good catch

A little variety – snagging a ball instead of a frisbee

Oooo la la, the ladies are sooo distracting

So throw the frisbee already

Just a dog and his frisbee

Ahhhh, nothin’ like chasing down a frisbee at the beach

Got her all lined up

Commin’ home with the goods

Discussing serious matters with Dad

Got a long way to run for this one

Another tough catch

Stole one of Dad’s Crocks and he’s not real happy

Catching the ball is a bit tougher than the frisbee, but not a problem

Waiting for those ducks to land

Back on dry land honing my catching skills

Patiently waiting for that squirrel to settle down

Diving in after that ball

Stealth is key when stalking prey

Catching some ZZZs after a tough day of chasing & swimming after prey

Trade ya… my ball for a treat

Got it

My water buffalo’s chin is simply to die for

Check out my new personalized Orvis bed in Mom’s office

On the hunt

Gotta’ itch on my nose

Thinkin’ things over

With Dad at the Fort Lauderdale Convention Center Fountain

Preparation is everything

Watta’ catch – hind legs off the ground

Check the cool ‘Batman’ image on my lower chest

Chilllin’ with one of my favorite pillows

Watching some beautiful yachts from atop the 17th St Drawbridge in Ft Lauderdale

Cheers – bottoms up!

Local parks finally opened and I’m in my element

Being off-leash sans collar is the only way to go

Catching some ZZZs dreaming about chasing a squirrel… and smiling

Finally back at the beach ready to snag  my favorite frisbee

I’m a beach bum at heart and it’s great to be chillin’ in the surf again

Crashing the surf to save Dad

Hauling the old boy back into shore

Takin’ a quick breather after chasing a squirrel

Playin’ fetch with mom

Practicing my dock-diving skills with coach Dad

Check out this form

I’m in with a score of 9.9

Now to fetch the ball

Flying high

In hot pursuit of an iguana

Outta’ my way

Watta grab!

Life’s great!

Watching the gulls sweep down on prey

Got it!

Stretchin’ out for this one

Havin’ a blast at the beach

Poetry in motion

Just chillin’ in the surf

Checkin’ out some ducks

Catchin’ a breather after a tough swim

Posing for mom

Ready to go

One happy Vizsla

Stayin’ hydrated in the heat and humidity

Helpin’ dad navigate to the beach

The inter-coastal waterway pouring into the Atlantic

Tryin’ out my new UGG blanket

I love America

Toss the ball already!

I’m loud… and carry a big stick

My ‘Chuckit’ ball, a place to run free, and I’m a happy camper

Chattin’ with Dad

The Paw’rfect pose

Sittin’ handsome

Just strollin’ through the woods

Waitin’ for Mom and Dad to catch up with me

Who says dogs can’t fly?

Soarin’ like an eagle (Covid testing set up in the background)

A pawrfect landing

Stretchin’ out for this one

Comin’ down for a soft landing

Takin’ a breather after futilely chasing ducks

On the hunt

It doesn’t get much better

Playing with Jua

Catchin’ some ZZZs under mommy’s robe

Fetchin’ for Mommy

He who has the biggest stick…

Givin’ some love to my favorite park ranger

Mommy made me do this and I’m not happy

I was 3 on December 27th

Enjoying a noon repast with Mom and Dad at the Quarterdeck

Putting Hungarian guilt on Mom and Dad while they continue eating

I took one of Mom’s old slippers for a walk

Here, kitty kitty kitty…

Focused and ready to attack

Showing off my new streamlined halter

Enjoying nature’s beauty

Just chased this huge iguana up the tree

In hot pursuit of a pesky squirrel

You lookin’ for trouble?

A serious point

Whew – just chased an iguana into the water

Lookin’ cool in my new Comfortflex harness

Playin’ the waiting game…

Looking regal

Alert and ready for any movement

Poetry in motion

Takin’ a break on this huge stump

Dad bet I couldn’t jump up here and sit

Pondering things

Got it!

OK, let’s go already

Ready, set…

Who’s there?

C’mon, you know I deserve a treat

Hangnin’ with my pal Hunter, construction chief for Fort Lauderdale’s new Convention Center

Whew! Chasin’ iguanas is wearing me out

Ready for action

Just happy to be here

Checkin’ things out while waitin’ for mom

Exactly where I belong

The ladies love my sexy smile

Man – I need a short breather

Stretchin’ out

I’m chasin’ that splash

Total focus

A short breather then back on the hunt

Flying like an eagle

Striking a pose for Mom

Reachin’ big time for my frisbee at Peanut Island

Waitin’ for the ferry to the mainland at Peanut Island

Crusin’ with my jolly ball

The classic point

It’s all about effort

Waitin’ for my good-night kiss from mom

Tryin’ to wake up in the morning

Scratched my cornea chasing an iguana through the brush… now waitin’ for the vet

2 days later – back to normal after meds from my vet & TLC from Mom

Yo, I got game!

Enjoying another day in paradise

Aaa! Nothin’ like a good old back scratch

A little two-step on the sand

In full camo waitin’ to spring

Alert for the hunt

I rarely miss

Ready for action!

Perfect two-point landing

I’m all smiles

Waitin’ with Dad for the 17th St draw bridge in Fort Lauderdale to close

Snoozin’ while Mom and Dad are cruzin’

Steppin’ over this log with ease

Now – listen here!

What’s that?

Patience and camo are keys to success

Where’d that squirrel go?


I love the smell of kelp in the morning

So gimme the treat already

Showin’ off for Mom

Nothin’ gets by me

Attackin’ Dad with kisses

Gettin’ ready for my afternoon nap

On the hunt

Just takin’ it easy here