Argo’s Photo Gallery P 9

Lookin’ cool while stayin’ cool

Ahhh… nuthin’ like a sitz bath

My Gene Simmons imitation sans makeup

Free sytlin’

Life’s a beach!

Stretchin’ way out for this one

Havin’ a blast with my Bully Ball

Patiently eyin” my prey

Really had to twist for this one

Focused on my dive


Showin’ off my pearly whites

My Chuckit ball is always with me

I luv water aerobics with my Chuckit ball

It’s a lazy day

The Beast

I also excel at water polo

Wanna’ play?

Splishin’ n’ splashin’

Pantin’ after a tough run

Stumpin’ it in Fort Lauderdale’s TY Park

Waitin’ for Mom to toss my Chuckit Ball

Flyin’ high over the jump

So where’s the picnic?

Where’d that iguana go?

My serious look