Argo’s First Few Months

Argo quickly acclimated himself to our home and lifestyle with only one potty accident inside. He wasted little time in subtly trying to manipulate us into doing what he wanted, and for better or worse, didn’t meet with much resistance. After two nights in his crate, he began sleeping in our bed wedging himself between us without any regard for our comfort or sleep, and that was just for openers. For the sake of brevity, he became very spoiled in record time and continues to push the envelope at every opportunity.

Argo’s first eight weeks on earth were spent with the breeder, Debi Broussard of Cheswynd Vizslas, his mother, and siblings in a limited environment that naturally restricted his exposure to the outside world. We felt that it was imperative to socialize him with dogs, people, and various sounds in order to ensure he would be well adjusted. Until completing his vaccinations we weren’t able to fully expose Argo to the real world, but thereafter he went for walks and played in parks every day, as well as accompany us on errands and dining at restaurants.

During this time Argo was learning basic obedience, fetching balls, frisbees, etc on land and in the water. He was also honing his innate skill of chasing prey that included squirrels, iguanas, lizards, and feathered creatures. He loves to swim and goes into the water with reckless abandon, whether it’s the ocean, a body of freshwater, or conventional pool.

Pictures of a young Argo engaged in various activities are posted below.

Just arrived for the first night at my new home

Some agility at the breeders before heading to my new home

Shopping with Mom

Posing with Mom and Dad at the photographer’s studio

A growing guy’s gotta get a little sleep

Working on my cheese stick

Keeping Mom company

The girls just love me

10 weeks old posing for the photographer

Same photographer, different pose

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